July 15, 2024
invest in Bitcoin

The queen of cryptocurrencies has shown extraordinary growth since March 2020 and investors intend to take advantage of it. But what are the springs of this exponential increase? Should Bitcoin Volatility

Every time there is a bubble, the price of Bitcoin rises higher than to the previous one, and when it drops again after a crash, it falls to a higher level than before”, observes the guest of our program “Le grand rendez-vous de l’épargne” (Capital / Radio Patrimoine). According to him, the crash linked to Covid-19 was therefore “just a mishap” and the bullish movement is set to continue .

A mature market?

“In 2017, those who invested in Bitcoins were individuals, ‘geeks’. Now the market is concentrating more and more institutional investorswho will have a long-term vision of their investment,” says the expert. “Having a lot of cash on hand no longer pays off and big companies, too, no longer know where to put their money. They therefore say to themselves

Start with a good understanding of what you are betting on. “Each time there is a rise in the price, we have a lot of new subscribers, notes Grégory Raymond in this regard. Queries that this actor answers with the Bitpanda Academy,

Secure your investment

To do this, go to a platform which, for a fee (1.49% at Bitpanda), allows you to acquire and resell, in short, to “trade”. Bitcoin, E thereum and many more… Bitpanda offers around fifty of the most accessible and processed cryptos.  There is no need to start with several tens of thousands of euros, specifies

If you want to get started, finally know that you will have to show your credentials. To open an online account and start trading, you will be asked to register on the chosen platform, which will verify your identity by calling you or asking you to film yourself. So many precautions necessary for the security of your personal data as well as your cryptos, as explained to us by Romain Saguy, marketing and commercial director at Coinhouse, the main platform for online purchase and custody of cryptocurrencies. In our “Reportage” sequence, this specialist looks back on the main risks that await investors, starting with the financial risk that can be smoothed out “by investing over time”. Custody risk, which many crypto fans are concerned about,never give your access codes to anyone ”, warns Romain Saguy, who notes that most scams can be avoided with a minimum of vigilance.

 Coinhouse, like Bitpanda, thus benefits from the status of digital asset service provider (PSAN), the only one to guarantee your security. “It defines the companies which have the right to work in France and those which are prohibited”, warns the marketing and commercial director of Coinhouse. By investing on a platform that does not have this approval, you expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Think about it before you act.

Your usual chronicles

In the continuation of our program, our regular columnist, Pierre Sabatier, gives this month his traditional “Coup de coeur” to the equity markets of the countries of the “old world”. For the president of the PrimeView firm, “it is clear that the wheel has turned, the main drivers of financial assets for a few weeks, even a few months, have been the stock markets of the oldest and richest countries: the United States on the one hand and Europe on the other”. The large companies of these Western nations are posting more than convincing results and have shown resilience in the first quarter of 2021.

Finally, like every month at the end of the program, you can find the answers to your questions relating to your savings and your assets, in the “It concerns you” section. Charlotte Thameur, Consulting Director at Yomoni, explains how to declare your 2020 dividends and capital gains in your 2021 tax return. Income from securities can indeed, optionally, be taxed at the tax rate, and no to the 30% “flat tax”. But you still have to win.  Finally, Nathalie Couzigou-Suhas, notary at Paris, goes over the subtleties of taking charge of funeral expenses for a member of your family, including if you have renounced his estate. A case that has already caused a lot of ink to flow in the courts…

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